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New Services for Letting and Sales Properties!

We are delighted to announce that we now offer a range of in-house services to market your home to the very highest of standards.

Whether you are looking to Let or Sell your Property, these features can really help your home stand out from the crowd!

Full 3D Virtual Tours

Whilst we have offered Virtual Tours previously, our new 3D Virtual Tours are a significant step-up in quality. This is primarily for two reasons:

1.  We have invested several thousand pounds in the very latest purpose-built Camera Equipment

2. Due to owning our Equipment, we are able to spend significantly longer perfecting your Tour, being careful to include every detail! These are often missed when instructing a third-party agency to complete.

On an Average 2 Bedroom House, we conduct approximately 80 individual Scans with our Camera! This ensures everything in your Property is recorded with optimum detail. 

Features include:

1. The ability to walk around your Property freely, as if you were viewing in person

2. Interested parties are able to measure the internal space of any room with a 'Virtual Tape Measure'! 

3. 360 Degree Photos are included by us throughout the Tour. This allows you to view inside cupboards, hidden doors or view the outlook from the front and rear doors.

4. Guided Virtual Tour option - an Automated Setting which at the push of a button allows you to be guided around your Property.

5. Detailed Analytics - we are able to see how many people have viewed your Tour, including if they are 'unique visitors'. This helps to gauge levels of interest in your Property.

6. Individually hosted web link - this allows you to share your Property video directly with anyone you wish.

7. Confirmation of condition - They say 'the camera never lies', and when Letting this can be especially useful. With the addition of a Virtual Tour when marketing, it can help support your Inventory when your new tenant vacates. 

8. We are also able to complete full Floor Plans

Drone Photography

Another exciting tool we have invested in is a Professional Drone capable of capturing full 4K Footage and fantastic High Definition Photographs!

This can add real impact to your listing and help demonstrate features that are perhaps not visible at ground level. Whether your property has a plot that is an unconventional shape, or a hidden parking space; the Drone is able to highlight this with ease. Furthermore, if your home is situated in an area that is particularly attractive or close to the Town Centre, we can make a real feature of the surroundings. 

Our Drone is fully legal to fly in the majority of areas, therefore is a great option when marketing many different Properties. Furthermore, it is fully insured and our Staff have completed training to operate both competently and safely.

Professional internal Photography

As well as Aerial Photography, with the use of a new wide-angle camera we are now able to complete fantastic quality internal pictures.

Once taken, these are all stored on 'the cloud' and downloaded by a third-party Company who specialise in image editing. This team then work through and professionally edit all of your pictures so that they of the very highest of standards. This means you have no worries with bad lighting, colours etc. and everything is uniform in appearance. They even blank out anything personal (i.e. photos, reflections, keys etc) for your privacy.

The quality of these pictures are unrivalled, and are included at no extra charge for both Letting and Sales. 

Whether you are looking Rent or Sell, rest-assured we have the best tools available to deliver results! 

For more information please feel free to call us on 01235 553376 or visit our Office in Abingdon located at: 4 Bath Street, Abingdon, OX14 3QH

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